What is your Journey?

Everyone has a Journey. Everyone has a Journey.

Some have unfolded naturally, others we have created for ourselves. My path that lay in front of me was and is about making art. I LOVE to work with my hands; sewing, making jewelry, and drawing. If my hands are busy my mind is completely at peace.

The journey I created for myself is what I did with this natural desire. I had interests in studying fine art, art history, even acting, but decided to pursue fashion design. From fashion to working in costume design, to jewelry design, I continue my path of working with my hands and bringing my visions to life.

I also believe we have more than one journey. My other journeys are the roads that took me to living and volunteering in Israel for 6 months, to having a family, to becoming a sewing teacher for the past 8 years. I never thought of myself as a teacher! After having children I discovered I love sharing the joy of expression through art. As I teach my students the proper techniques of sewing a garment, I open doors for them to a new path of expression and creation they may not have explored.

As March is Women’s History Month, it is a perfect time to share the road we are on, and discover the journeys of other women, past and present. I look forward to discovering which journey you are on!

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