2018 Fall Jewelry Trends

August 23, 2018

Fall is on it’s way and it’s going to be BIG, bold, and asymmetrical


Here’s what IN and what you can look forward to whether your style du jour

is costume or fine jewelry …


Mixing, Matching, and Layering are IN.


You’ll be creating a playful aesthetic. 
You’ll explore shape, design, and texture. 

Here’s how —-> 
Layer multiple bangles.
Don cuff bracelets like distinct sculptural works of art. 
Mix dainty necklaces with large chunky, chainlink necklaces. 
Go with asymmetrical earrings, or better yet, wear only one. 

This Fall you cannot look over the top. The bolder, the better. 


Pearls of all shapes and sizes are IN.


Pearls are timeless and classic in all forms … with all outfits … and go from 

day to evening easily.


Here’s how —-> 

Wear long strands layered with chunky chains over your tees and sweaters.

Adorn your fingers with big pearl rings.

Choose statement earrings with uniquely-shaped baroque pearls.


Jade is IN.

Love green? Lucky you!
Afraid to wear green? 

You shouldn’t be! It is one of my favorite fashion colors. 


It is complimentary against all skin, hair, and eye shades. 

Jade adds a rich accent against the fall color trends of purple, red,

ceylon yellow, and blue.
Or wear it with neutrals - simply gorgeous! 


Large, colored gemstones are IN!

They are a beautiful in large pendants, brooches, rings, and long earrings. 

Wear them with confidence!


Here’s how —->
Layer them with neutral tops for that pop of color. 

Or go the other way and wear them over your deep colored silk blouses and sweaters to add a playful punch.


Breeze into this Fall, mixing and matching your jewels to your heart’s content.

You’ll create a style of effortless attitude.

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