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Rain or Shine Scarf

Since the weather cannot decide whether it wants to give us a winter or a gorgeous sunny day, I thought this scarf was the perfect sewing project for the Stylish Gem of the household. If she has command of her sewing machine, this scarf is basic enough to do on her own. Listed below are all the measurements with step by step instructions, plus a material list. And if you are wondering what to wear in this crazy changing weather, this scarf can be worn no matter what the weather decides.

Below is the material list, measurements, and step by step instructions:


1 yard - Lightweight wool or flannel fabric

1 yard - Lightweight cotton print fabric



Tape Measure/Ruler

Tailors Chalk or Pencil

Fabric Shears




1. Fold fabric in half lengthwise, mark and cut both cotton and flannel pieces, 9" x 34"

2. Pin matching fabric, right sides together, at center seam.

Mark 1/2" seam allowance and sew, the same on both fabrics.

3. Press seam open.

4. Lay out fabric pieces full length, right sides together, and match center seams.

5. Pin together down 3 sides of scarf. Each long side, and 1 short side, leaving 1 short side open to turn fabric around after sewing 3 sides.

6. Mark 1/2" seam allowance if you need.

7. Sew all 3 sides together.

8. Reach into open side and pull out right side of fabric.

9. Press all sides flat, and turn unsewn side 1/2" under. Stitch right along edge, or you can stitch with a decorative stitch.

10. Voila! You now have a beautiful scarf for all weather conditions!

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