As an artist I love the eclectically designed piece, the beauty of fine craftsmanship, the earthiness of handmade, and the feelings a piece of art can evoke. Working with metals and gems, I have found a way to express my own visual sensibilities developed during my career as a costume designer and stylist for film and television. In order to create interesting elements for trendy or classic outfits I was always exploring color combinations, textures, patterns, and shapes.  Discovering a  passion to create contemporary jewelry came from the desire to bring you, my client, ways to accessorize with individualism. 


In order to bring you the most unique items, I continue to explore working with and combining new materials. Inspiration comes to us in many ways and one for me is my favorite childhood memory of watching my Mom paint. As a child, we had a big art closet full of supplies to play with and I was always encouraged to explore my creativity. As you continue on your path of defining your style, I hope to be a part of that journey with Renée Day Designs.  

If you are interested in exploring my other passion of teaching sewing, please visit:

A Day of Sewing